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Tennis Cardio Workouts

A 10sPortal account is required to register for our clinics and workouts.  We recommend that the user register for our clinics by accessing their account online and following the instructions below.

Existing Users: Most clients already have a 10sPortal account but have never logged in to access it online. If you are in our system and need to login for the first time or have lost your username and password, you can go to the login page and use the "forgot my password?" option to receive your username and temporary password by email. If that option does not work you will need to contact Caswell at 512-478-6268 and ask someone to look up your account and reset your password. You can also email to request your username and temporary password.

New Users: If you have ever received an email notification, receipt for booking a court, notification for getting your racquet restrung or for participating in any type of programming at Caswell, you probably already have an account and need to get your username and password sent to you. We do not want duplicate accounts in our system. New users can create an account by following the instructions on our creating an account page.

Registration and Cancellation Policies

Registration Policies: By registering for our clinics you agree to be responsible for attending ​and making payment for all appointments scheduled. If you "no show" or cancel beyond the deadline, you will be charged you as if you attended. We may also require that you keep a credit card on file after missing an appointment.

Cancellation Policies: The cancellation deadline for the noon cardio workouts is 9am the morning of the workout.  If you are not able to cancel online, please call the Pro Shop (512-478-6268) if you need to cancel your spot in cardio.  Email cancellations will NOT be accepted.

Waiting List Policies: If you add yourself to a clinics waiting list and someone cancels within the appropriate timeframe, the first person on the waiting list will be "auto-enrolled" and an email notification will be sent by 10sPortal. You are responsible for recognizing the email notification and attending the clinic. If you "no show" or cancel beyond the deadline, you will be charged you as if you attended. If you add yourself to a waiting list and are no longer available or no longer want to attend, please remove yourself from the waiting list.

Schedule of Cardio Workouts ($20)


not for beginners




Level 3.0-5.0

Level 3.0-5.0

Level 3.0-5.0

w/ Doug

w/ Doug

w/ Doug

How to Register Online

Step 1: Log into 10sPortal and use the home button to reset your view for navigation.


Step 2: Click the "My Activities" Tab then the "Adult Clinics" Tab to view our clinic schedule


Step 3: Click the clinic you want to register for (left column). The right column will display the Day/Date/Time of the available clinics. If there are spaces open the "Register" button will appear, if the clinic is full a waitlist button will appear. 

Tip: Clinics populate in our software 14 days out at 12:00am in the morning. If your favorite clinic is always full you will want to register at 12:00am 14 days out (or 2 Weeks)


Tip: If you don't see the "Register" button, click the "View" button and you will be able to proceed with registration.


Step 4: Done! You should see a conformation screen. If you need to cancel, you can get back to this view by clicking the "View" button and using the cancelation button.

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