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How to Create an Individual or Family Account

Existing Users: If you have received an email notification or receipt for booking a court, getting your racquet restrung or for participating in any type of programming at Caswell, you probably have an account and need to get your username and password sent to you. We do not want duplicate accounts in our system. If you know you have an account but cannot remember your username, please call the proshop (512-478-6268) and ask someone to look up your account and send you a password reset.  After you have received your password reset email and logged in, click "My Account" and then "Account Information" to add secondary users (your kids) and/or jump to Step 6 to add a credit card.

New Users:  If you do not have an account, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the Login/Register Button in the Header of Caswell's web site


Step 2: Please choose the "desktop" version of 10sPortal (if you see this screen.)  We recommend using a desktop or laptop to access this site and not a hand held device.


Step 3: Click the "Customer Sign Up" button


Step 4: Complete the registration process filling in all starred fields. Parents must click the box "Add others to account" to add family members (your kids) to your account as "secondary users" to set up a family account correctly.  Individuals can skip the "add others to account" step (add secondary users at any time to become a family account).


Your Name

Step 5: After completing these steps, you will receive an email confirmation containing your username (that you chose) and a temporary password.

Click on the "Website Address" link and enter your username and temporary password.  You will then be asked to create a password for your account.

Step 6: After logging in, click My Account

Step 7:  Click "Credit Cards" and enter your credit card information or "Account Information" to enter Secondary Users

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