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Tutorial: How to Register for Caswell's After School Program

You will need a active 10sPortal Account. Most clients will probably fall under one of the following categories:

a.  I am new to Caswell and 10sPortal, have never participated in any of our programming, reserved a court or restrung my racquet at Caswell. Please see the "creating an account" guide found here

b.  I am not new to Caswell and 10sPortal, i have reserved courts, restrung my racquet or participated in our programming and believe i have an existing account in Caswell's instance of 10sPortal, but have never logged in, or i have lost my username/password. See the "options" below:

Option 1: Click the Login/Register link and use the "Forgot your password?" link. 


Option 2: Call the Pro Shop @ 512-478-6268 to see if you have an account and to request to have your username/temporary password emailed to you.

c.  I have a 10sPortal Account and I am able to login and access my account.


Important Information: Please note that before registration goes live the "Junior Program Tab" will not display the information seen in the image below. 

Ready to Register

After logging in click the Activities Tab > Junior Program Tab to display the classes available for registration. Please read the class description text for important information about the classes. Click the "Register" button to proceed and follow the steps.


After clicking the "Register" button, you will be prompted to choose the "secondary" member of your account that is attending the class you selected


Next, select the day of the week you wish to attend. 

***Important Info: you can only register one student for one day at a time. After the registration process is complete, you can register for another day or register another student for a different class.


Next, select the "package", there could be one or multiple choices depending on the class you select, so please choose the package that corresponds to the day you selected. Once the "package" is selected a "next" button will appear to take you to the payment screen.


After clicking the "next" button, you will be taken to the payment screen. Having a credit card "on file" speeds up the process, otherwise you will have to type in your credit card numbers, expiration date and CVV code. Click "Make Payment" after choosing your payment option. When payment is complete you will have an option to restart the process if you need to register for another day or another student for a different class.

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