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Junior Private Lesson Information

How to Schedule a Lesson

The Pro's are responsible for their own scheduling of Private and/or Group Private lessons. You (the client) will need to contact the Pro through email or text to request a private lesson. If you do not receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time, please follow up and ask about their availability and if they have a waiting list for future openings. Their contact information and bio's can be found on our Staff Page. Please include information about what days and times you are available, your experience level, goals and number of lessons you would like.

Note:  All Private Lessons taught at Caswell have to be scheduled with a Pro on our staff. We do not allow other "pros" to reserve a court and teach lessons at Caswell.

Lesson Rates

Lesson Type


Semi-private (2)

Group of 3 players

Group of 4

Group of 5 players

Group of 6 or more

1 Hour Lesson Rates


$35 per person

$25 per person

$22 per person

$20 per person

$18 per person

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