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Pro Shop Equipment, Services & Apparel

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Are you ready to step up your level of play? We have a great selection of the latest racquets!


  • We offer competitive pricing and will match Tennis Warehouse prices!

  • If you buy your racquets from us, we include stringing + one hour on the ball machine.

  • Our tennis racquet selection includes the latest models from Wilson, Yonex, Head, and Babolat.

  • We have a very large selection of junior rackets.

  • We have qualified staff to determine what racquet is best for you!


Demo Racquets are available for rental and cost $5.00/racquet, they have to stay onsite and will need to be returned at the end of your reservation. If you purchase the racquet, we will deduct the accrued demo fees up to $15.00 from the cost of the racquet. If we don’t have your grip size in stock, we will check availability and can place an order for you.

Re-Stringing and Re-Gripping Services


The United States Racquet Stringers Association recommends that you string your racquet at least twice per year, so stop in and get your racquet ready for the next season!


How much does it cost to re-string? The cost to re-string is $18.00 labor, plus the purchase of string ($10.00-$50.00) from our Pro Shop. You can also bring your own string and just pay the $18.00 labor fee.

What string do you carry? Our inventory is always changing, but we carry a variety of string from Wilson (NXT, Sensation, Syn Gut Power, Revolve), Babolat (RPM's, Excel, Addixion, Syn Gut), Luxilon (ALU Power/Rough), Head (Hawk Touch, Reflex, Velocity, Syn Gut PPS), Solinco Hyper-G, and Yonex (Poly Tour Pro, Dynawire, Poly Tour REV). We have Synthetic Guts, Multi-filaments, Polyesters and Natural Gut. Prices range from $10.00-$50.00 depending on the type of string.

How Long does it take? Caswell's stringers will re-string your racquet in two days or less. Example: if you drop your racquet off on Monday at 10am, we will have it ready by the end of the day on Wednesday (10pm). You will receive an email notification when complete.

Do you offer Same Day or an Express service? For an extra fee of $6.00/racquet we will move your racquet to the front of the line and string it as soon as possible (24 hours or less). Please understand that we may not be able to offer same day service depending on the specific circumstances at the time you drop off your racquet.

How much does it cost to re-grip? The cost to re-grip is $5.00 labor to install, plus the purchase of a replacement grip ($9.00 +tax) from our Pro Shop. We carry Head, Wilson, Yonex and Babolat replacement grips. Turnaround time could be 15 min to 2 days depending on circumstances.

Apparel and Accessories


Men's tennis shirts and shorts, women's tennis shirts and skirts, tennis socks, visors, and caps.


Tennis balls, bags and backpacks, replacement grips and overgrips, strings, dampeners, wristbands, etc.


We also have a variety of snacks and drinks!

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