Meet The Pros

Lea Sauls, Executive Director

USPTA Certified Elite Professional

Having taught at Caswell for many years, Lea considers it his second home. His extensive experience, his passion for tennis, and his eagerness for the Center to thrive make for a winning combination!


As a tennis professional, Lea has been a nationally ranked player, a two time Texas Sectionals champion and has been a University of Texas (UT) women's assistant tennis coach for 5 years, winning the 1993 National Championship and reaching 3 Final Four finishes. 


Andy Swortfiguer 

USPTA Certified Elite Professional

Andy Swortfiguer is a long time Austin resident and has been teaching at Caswell since 2007. With over 24 years experience, Andy is well known as an ambidextrous professional who works with players of all ages & levels. In recent years he’s received CATA's "Tennis Pro of the Year " and "Growing the Game” Awards.  


Andy played for Ferris State University and pioneered their Professional Tennis Management & Marketing Program. He held National & World Rankings from 1996-2003, while playing on The United States Paddle Team.


Using humor and an engaging hands-on style allows Andy to make tennis easy and fun to learn! 


Mike Clark, Director of Junior Tennis

USPTA Certified Elite Professional 

Mike was USPTA certified in 1989 and is a career tennis professional.  He has taught extensively with several of the best coaches in the Midwest, Northeast, and Texas, coaching hundreds of juniors and adults of all levels with comprehensive knowledge of the legacy and modern game.


From 2000-2004, Mike served as the Executive Director of the Capital Area Tennis Association (CATA), overseeing an unprecedented surge in the growth of tennis participation in Austin. 


Mike is the director of Caswell's Junior Tennis Program.  He coaches all ages and skill levels with equal passion.   He is also a regular swimmer in Austin's best watering holes and enjoys gardening and music.


Ken Ripperger-Suhler

USPTA Certified Professional

Ken began teaching tennis in San Antonio in 1975. He taught for Newk’s Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels, private clubs in San Antonio, Austin, and Louisville, Ky. His teaching is based on a synthesis of biomechanics research and training and psychological concepts gained from teaching experience and academic studies. He currently provides online instruction in public health courses for the University of Houston.


Ken was ranked as a junior tennis player in Texas and as an adult in the Southern Section of the US. He played satellite tournaments in Florida and a series of grass court tournaments in England. Ken was the Vice President of CATA in 1981, charged with running tournaments for the organization that year. 

Scott Seelig

USPTA Certified Professional

Scott is a USPTA Certified tennis coach who believes that both athletes and non-athletes alike can become elite tennis players with the right mindset and instruction.


A lifelong student of the game, Scott continues to expand his knowledge, regularly seeking out and studying with specialists from around the country, including footwork coach David Bailey, big-data strategist Craig O'Shannessy, and biomechanist James Shaughnessy.


In addition to his research, Scott's own coaching method, Gravity Tennis,

which focuses on flow and rhythm, has proven beneficial to players struggling with chronic injuries, as well as anyone seeking to develop a smoother, lower-impact style of play.


Scott is also an active musician and music teacher.