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Novice & Advanced Novice Information

Class Description and Schedule

Novice Class Schedule:

Wednesdays 7:00pm-8:00pm w/ Andy Swortfiguer |

Saturdays 10:00am-11:00am w/ Andy Swortfiguer |

Sundays 11:00am-12:00pm w/ Andy Swortfiguer |

This class is designed for players that are just picking up a racquet, have never received any formal instruction or need to go back to basics after several years away from the courts. Mechanics of the forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, serve and return are covered. Tennis strategy and scoring are also touched on. At this stage, stroke analysis is crucial and shots are mostly taught from stationary positions. A player may take this class until he/she feels ready to move onto Advanced Novice. 

Advanced Novice Class Schedule:

Wednesdays 8:00pm-9:00pm w/ Andy Swortfiguer |

Saturdays 11:00am-12:00pm w/ Andy Swortfiguer |

Sundays 10:00am-11:00am w/ Andy Swortfiguer |

This class is designed for players who have already taken the novice class. It is also appropriate for those who've learned the basics, but have not played in a while. Strokes are fine tuned and specialty shots are introduced (for ex: lob, drop shot, 1/2 volley scoop). Movement and ball placement are worked into drills. Class participants will have opportunities to put what they've learned into use through games & live ball drills. Both singles & doubles strategies are discussed. Players may take this class more than one time. 

Do I need a racket?  If you don't have a racket, one will be provided for you.

What is the Cost? Most months classes are 4 weeks and cost $80.00/Month. Some of the months, due to holidays, are 3 weeks and cost $60/Month


How do i register? Registration opens on the 16th of every Month at 12:00am for the following month's classes. You will need a 10sPortal Account to register. Please go to our "creating an account" page for a tutorial on how to create an account. To register, login in to "10sPortal" on the 16th at 12:00am and navigate to the "Adult Programs" Tab (see screenshot at bottom of the page). You may need to refresh the page until the "Register" button appears. Click the button of the appropriate class and follow the steps to complete registration. At this point, if the class is full, you can put yourself on the Waitlist.  Payment with a Credit Card is required to complete registration! Classes fill up fast! Be Prepared!

What if the Classes are full when i try to register?  After you enter your information and select the class you want, you will be given the option to add yourself to the Waitlist.  Pro Shop staff are not able to add you to the Waitlist.  It must be done online. 

What are the dates of the classes each month? Novice and Advanced Novice Classes generally start at the beginning of the calendar month and end at the end of the calendar month.

Example: If you register for the Wednesday Novice class, you can expect it to start on the first Wednesday of the month and end on the last or second to last Wednesday of the month. Official class dates will be displayed in the info window of our 10sPortal software when registration goes live (see image below)


Registration Information

After logging in click the "Home" Button to reset your view for navigation. Click the "Activities" then "Adult Program" Tabs to open the registration view. You may have to refresh the window until the red "Register" button appears. Click the "Register" button of the appropriate class and follow the steps to complete the registration. Have a credit card ready to complete registration.

Classes fill up fast! Be prepared! 

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