2021 Summer Camp Info

Red Ball Tennis Ages 6-8

Session Price $240.00/week

Monday - Thursday  9:00am - 12:00pm

Eight (8) spaces available each week

Orange Ball Tennis Ages 9-12

Session Price $240.00.week

Monday - Thursday  9:00am - 12:00pm

Eight (8) spaces available each week

Green Ball Tennis Ages 12+

Session Price $240.00/week

Monday - Thursday  9:00am - 12:00pm

Four (4) spaces available each week

2021 Summer Camp Schedule

1. Mon June 7th - Thur June 10th

2. Mon June 14th - Thur June 17th

3. Mon Jun 21st - Thur June 24th

4. Mon June 28th - Thur July 1st

No Camp Mon July 5th - Thur July 8th

5. Mon July 12th - Thur July 15th

6. Mon July 19th - Thur July 22nd

7. Mon July 26th - Thur July 29th

8. Mon Aug 2nd - Thur Aug 5th

9. Mon Aug 9th - Thur Aug 12th

Important Information: Online Registration for Summer Camps will go "live" on Friday May 14th at 7:45am. Please use the time before registration goes live to read the tutorial, set up your 10sPortal account (for new users only), or to request your existing accounts username and a temporary password so that you can access your account before we go live. See below about new vs. existing users. We want to avoid as many duplicate accounts as possible!

How to Register for Caswell's Summer Camps

1. You will need a 10sPortal Account and most clients will probably fall under one of the following categories:

a: I am new to Caswell and 10sPortal, have never participated in any of our programming, reserved a court or restrung my racquet at Caswell. Please see the "creating an account" guide found here https://www.caswelltennisatx.com/creating-an-account

b: I am not new to Caswell and 10sPortal, i have reserved courts, restrung my racquet or participated in our programming and believe i have an existing account in Caswell's instance of 10sPortal, but have never logged in, or i have lost my username/password. See the "options" below:

Option 1: Click the Login/Register link and use the "Forgot your password?" link. 


Option 2: Email Kent at proshop@caswelltennisatx.com to see if you have an account and to request to have your username/temporary password emailed.

c: I have a 10sPortal Account and am able to login and access my account. If this is correct then you can proceed to the tutorial below and prepare for live registration.

2. Before registration goes "live", log in to 10sPortal to get comfortable with the software. Learn to use the "Home" button (image below) to reset your view for navigation purposes and/or when you need to go back to the main navigation screen.


3. While logged in to 10sPortal and use the "My Account" button to access the tabs that allow the Primary User or Parent to add a credit card on file and to add secondary users (your kids) so that you can register them for programs and complete payment for registration. The "Home" Button will bring you back to the main navigation if needed.


4. Starting at 7:45am on Friday May 14th you will be able to log in and register for one of our Junior Summer Camps. The step by step process is detailed below.

Important Information: Please note that before 7:45am on Friday May 14th, the "Junior Program Tab" will not display the information seen in the image below. If you login early and are waiting for the information to display, you will need to refresh your browser on or after 7:45 am for the information to display. 

From the Home Screen, Click the Activities Tab > Junior Program Tab to display the Summer Camp registration window. Please read the class description text for important information about the camps. Click the "Register" button to proceed and follow the steps.


Choose the member of your account that is attending the Camp


Select the week you wish to attend, you can only choose one week at a time. To register for a another week you will need to go through the process again.


Select the "package" , there should only be one choice, then click next to proceed to the payment screen


Select the method of payment. If you have not added a credit card on file, you will have to select "Credit Card" and enter the information in the space provided


Registration should be complete after making payment. You can only register for one (1) camp at at time and will need to go through the process again to register another child or for another week of the camp.