Caswell Junior Tennis 12 and Under Development Program


Caswell Tennis Center is proud to present Austin with the most comprehensive 12 and Under development program in the central Texas area! At Caswell we are focused on developing the skills that are needed for the long term success of our young players. Our 12U program falls in line with industry leading development programs around the world as well as the USTA Texas competitive pathway. Our program leaders and coaches will provide the perspective and experience to guide you into a successful and enjoyable future in the sport of tennis.



Tennis is relative... good tennis is good tennis regardless of whether it's played on a 36' RED ball court or Centre Court at Wimbledon. No other sport asks their kids to perform under adult conditions. It's long been understood in other sports that it's too difficult to expect kids to effectively manage adult regulation areas or use their skills to regularly manipulate that space for success during competition. Finally tennis has caught on...


Tennis is difficult... therefore when a child learns we need to provide them the best opportunity to repeatedly practice good technique. If a child uses appropriately sized equipment, they will be able to perform and adapt these techniques much easier allowing for good habits to form.


Context is king... without context we lack the understanding and motivation to learn a more appropriate method. In our programs we employ a variety of court shapes, obstacles and games to shape a players understanding of their skills in a real world situation. 


No two children are the same... children have different rates of physical, mental and emotional development. There is a window of two years on either side of their chronological age where these developments can fall. For example: Max is 7yrs old; physically he is 9, mentally he is 8 and emotionally he is 5. Therefore at Caswell we employ a system of clearly defined competencies needed in order to progress. Children will acquire these competencies at different speeds and that's ok. 

Ages 6-9, RED FUNdamentals

In our FUNdamentals class your child will have tons of fun developing their abilities to send and receive balls, improve their locomotion, balance and develop their understandings of the sport of tennis. All strokes will be covered throughout each session with a heavy emphasis on developing their serve and rally skills on their forehand and backhand side.


Players must exhibit an ability to sustain a rally with their peers within a standard 36’x18’ court to progress to the next level. The ideal graduates will have a strong ready position and basic control of the direction and depth of their groundstrokes.


Ages 9-11, Orange FUNdamentals

Orange FUNdamentals is a class designed to develop your child's most basic technical needs to enjoy the sport in an exciting play based environment. Tennis is all about the rally! Therefore we will focus on proficient groundstrokes and a reliable serve to start the point. Students will progress from controlling a rally within a 42' court to controlling the 60' competition size orange courts.



The green ball class is designed to house our players U12 who have graduated from our Orange FUNdamental class OR can demonstrate the necessary competencies needed to enroll. This class aims to continue to develop the serve, rally and play skills needed to compete in either USTA tournaments or Junior Team Tennis events.









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